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The effect of low voltage fuse and model classification
  Time:2017-06-01   Source:上海智广熔断器有限公司  

Work is commonly used in power supply systems of low-voltage fuse with porcelain insert (RC) and screw (RL), airtight tube (RM), packing type (RTO) and the compound (RZ), etc. Here are several low voltage fuse:

    Ceramic plug fuse (RC1A) : porcelain fuse is built by porcelain, porcelain is low, the dynamic contact, static contact and fuse of five parts. Porcelain cover and low electrical porcelain titles, respectively connect the power cord and load in the static contact at the ends of the porcelain is low head, porcelain low middle cavity is there, with the highlight parts arcing chamber. RC1A fuse cheap, easy to change, which are widely used for lighting and small capacity of the circuit of the motor protection.

    Spiral fuse (RL) : spiral fuse is mainly composed of porcelain hat, fuse, porcelain bushing, terminal, terminal and saddle parts.

    RL1 series spiral fuse fusing inside, in addition to containing fuse, filled with quartz sand, around the fuse for the use of extinguishing arc. Fuse the top there is a small red dot, red dot off automatically after the blown fuse, according to fuse fuse. When using insert one end of the fuse has a red dot porcelain hat, porcelain cap on the screw, the nut twist together with the fuse porcelain into low, fuse and processing circuit.

    To electrical suggest you when installation, connection wire of electrical equipment received a terminal connected to the screw metal shell, the power cord from the base of the terminal, so when replace the fuse, spin in nuts, thread won't be charged on the shell.

    Packless closed tube fuse (RM) : packless closed tube fuse, by a fuse tube (tube), two sockets and one or two pieces of fuse link. Fuse fuse link is with one or more narrow section of the zinc sheet, it is installed in the fuse, and through the fuse hat contact with socket, the formation of a current path. Its appearance structure as shown in figure below: fuse link in normal work, the melt width of narrow part can be produced by heat conduction, thus can long-term work under high current. In the narrow neck first fusing of short-circuit flow, regarding this is artificially in the melt is a weak link, and hope that the weak link in short circuit, give full play to the role of the in order to improve its ability to block.

    Packing sealing tube fuse (RTO) : a filler sealing tube fuse is mainly composed of the pipe body, indicator, quartz sand of packing and melt.

    The pipe body made of steatite porcelain table waved in vitro, not only increase the surface heat dissipation area, and more beautiful, the tube body with four screw holes on both ends of the circle, in order to use screws to cover plate installed on the pipe body. Cover with obvious indicator red indicator, fusing work situation, when fusing, indicator is bounce. Melt into mesh with thin copper sheet, and into the cage, middle pure tin welding, spot welding on the metal plate on both ends of the melt, and ensure the melt and well contact between conductive slotting tool. Tube filled with through special processing of quartz sand, used for cooling and extinguishing arc.

    Fast fuse: due to the silicon semiconductor devices is increasingly widely used in industrial power conversion and power drive apparatus, low heat capacity, but the PN junction silicon semiconductor components overload ability is poor, can only withstand overload current in a very short time, otherwise the semiconductor components were quickly burn out. Therefore must adopt a fast fuse of overload can quickly action.

   To the electrical factory fast fuse main RLS, RSO and RS3 and other three series. RLS is spiral quick fuse series, it is used for small capacity silicon rectifier element of short circuit protection, and some proper overload protection; RSO series used in large capacity silicon rectifier element, RS3 for thyristor components of short circuit protection, and some proper overload protection.