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What is a high-voltage fuse?
  Time:2017-06-01   Source:上海智广熔断器有限公司  

A, high-voltage fuse's brief introduction:

   High-voltage fuse is 10 kv power distribution line and branch line distribution transformer short-circuit protection switch one of the most commonly used, it has economic, convenient operation, to adapt to the outdoor environment strong sexual characteristics, widely used in 10 kv power distribution lines and distribution transformer primary side for protection and equipment, cutting operations. It installed in 10 kv distribution line branch line, narrowing the scope of power outage, due to its breaking point, there's an obvious had the function of isolating switch, to overhaul period of circuitry and equipment to create a safe working environment, increase the maintenance staff of security. Installed on the distribution transformer, can be used as the main distribution transformer protection, so, in 10 kv power distribution lines and widely used distribution transformer. Fuse can be divided into indoor type and outdoor type two kinds.

  (1) indoor type high voltage fuse:

   Indoor fuse is quartz sand filling packing seal tube fuse, melt when it by overload or short circuit current fuse, the metal vapor and arc free gas under high temperature and high pressure effect, after the injection quartz sand, the gap between contact with the surface of quartz sand by cooling solidification, reduced the melt after the evaporation of free gas and metal vapor, which made the current natural zero passage, forcing arc extinguishing. When melt fuse, fuse the spring thread also snap, and pop up from spring tube. Indoor type high pressure pipe type fuse has a large capacity of strong arc, breaking, breaking circuit when no free gas discharge, can produce the closure over voltage, etc. In short circuit current impact value has not been achieved before they can be completely fuse, so this flow of fusing equipment co., LTD.

  (2) outdoor type high voltage fuse:

   Outdoor fuse to protect the 10 kv power transformer and power line. A fixed support activities, a fusion tube and fuse, fixed support part for porcelain and composite insulators. Its working principle is: will wear fuse into the fusion tube, both ends of tight, and make the fuse above, in the middle of partial fusion tube, the dynamic contact due to the tension of fuse tension perpendicular to the fuse pipe up, cock with insulating rod on the moving contact head pushed on the static contact, into a closed state (closing) and maintain this state. When the protected circuit fault, fault current make the blown fuse, form the arc, arc suppression pipe under the action of electric arc of high temperature decomposition of gas, make the pipe pressure increases sharply, gas high speed jet, outward to form a strong vertical wind arc arc, arc rapidly spin and go out. At the same time, because of the blown fuse, fuse tension disappear, make release locking mechanism, fuse tube in the static contact of elastic and under the action of gravity, flip down around the axis, forming obvious disconnect. Make the circuit disconnect, removal of fault section lines or equipment.