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high voltage limit current fuse for protection oil-immersed tyoe transformer
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□The product can be used in system with AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 10KV, used togethe r with other protection electtic faciIities(such as loading switches). It can protect electtic transformers and other electtic faciIitles against overloading or circuit break. It is mainly used in American style box transformers as backup protection.
◆Type instruction
◆Basic parameters
See chart for the fuse of basic parameters
Type Rated voltage KV Max working voltage KV Fuse rated current KA Rated current of fuse link A
OFG 10 12 125 63,80,100,125
200 160,200
◆Major technical characteristics
1,The fuse link can break any problem current between the minimum break current(2.5-5)In to rated break current 50KA.
2,See chart 3 for the fuse time-current property.The upper section above the minimum break current is broken line.
3,See chart 2 for limn current property.
◆Installation Dimensios
See Chart 1 for the fuse external structure and installation dimensions.
◆Conditions for normal use
When the fuse link is in normal use in transformer oil,the max environmet temperature is less than 100℃

Chat1Fuse link external sturcture and installation dimensions

Note:of longer fuse is needed,Please contactthefactofy.

Pre-arc time(S)
Anticipated limit current valid value
Chhart 3 OFG.OKG time-current property
Out-off current(A)
Anticipated limit current valid value
Chhart 2 OFG.OKG limit current property

□ZGR3(XRNT5)-15.5H.V.current-limiting back-up fuse for short-circuit protection of oil-immersed transformer(here-under fuse) is availab-le ailable for H.V. indoor electric system,with rated voltage 1 5.5Kv,rated cu rrent up to 175A, 50Hz a.c..It is used for protecting from short-circuit for power transformer.It can offer protection of all-round together in series with ZGR4(PRNTl3)-15.5 H.V.fuse for overload rotection of oiI-immersed transformer.
Accord with GB15166.2 Alternating-current high-voltage fuses Current-limiting fuse
◆Order number
Rated Current Order Number
31.5 ZGR3-31.5
40 ZGR3-40
50 ZGR3-50
63 ZGR3-63
80 ZGR3-80
100 ZGR3-100
125 ZGR3-125
150 ZGR3-150
175 ZGR3-175
◆Basic parameters
rated voltage (KV 熔断器额定电流 A 熔体额定电流 A Dimensios 额定短路开断电流 A
17.2 125 31.5、40、50、63
图1 50
175 150、175 图2
◆Type instruction

变压器容量 (KVA) rated current (A) ZGR3 rated current(A) ZGR rated current(A)
50 2.75 31.5 6.3
100 5.5 40 10
160 8.8 63 16
200 11.0 80/63 25A
250 13.7 80 25A
315 17.3 100 40A
400 22.0 125 40A
500 27.5 150 50A
630 34.6 175 63A
800 44.0 100双拼 63A
1000 55.0 100双拼 100A
1250 68.7 125双拼 140A
◆Installation Dimensios
ZGR3-15.5/(31.5-125) A熔断器外形尺寸
ZGR3-15.5/(150-1 75) A熔断器外形尺寸

熔断器是由熔体、熔管、帽、石英砂、骨架、密封圈等组成。熔体由纯银加工成高精度的变截面带状体。熔体有序地缠绕在骨架上 放置在熔管内,管内填充满石英砂作为灭弧介质。为适应浸入变压器油中使用,在帽和熔管之间采用密封圈,并用耐油、耐高温的 胶粘剂粘接,设置两道密封防线来确保可靠封口。

□当熔断器断后,必须换上型号尺码和参数相同的新熔断器,切勿以其它器件代替,在更换熔断器时,发现熔断器的 熔管发黄属于正常现象。□对三相安装的熔断器,除非已肯定仅其中一只承担过故障电流,否则即使一只熔断器动作,其它两只均应更换。
□熔断器的额定电流至175A。当用户需要更大电流等级时,推荐使用双拼熔断器。同时在使用双拼时要考虑到温度相互 影响因素,般要熔断器降容10%-20%使用。

The Timecurrent Characteristic Of The Fuse
时间-电流特性曲线 ZGR3后备熔断器

The Timecurrent Characteristic Of The Fuse
熔断器额定电流为1 50A、1 75A的时间-电流特性曲线

◆Type instruction
Fuse can’t be used aIone. It must be used in series with the back-up fuse to become protection of alI-a round. In using,the characteristic of the fuse and the back-up fuse must be considered enough. Figure the time-current characteristic of the fuse and the back-up fuse. A in figure is a point of the meeting two curves. B is min. breakina capacity current of the back-up fuse-Iink C is rated max. breaking capacity current of the fuse. When fuse wiII be used in series with the back-up fuse-Iink, first the point A must be existence,second the point B is above the point A and the point C is below the point A.
◆Order number ◆图 熔断与后备熔断器保护特性配合图
A Rated current Fuse-link Order number Fuse-base Order number
6.3 STR4-6.3 STR4-D
10 STR4-10
16 STR4-16
25 STR4-25
40 STR4-40
50 STR4-50
63 STR4-63
100 STR4-100
140 STR4-140

.ZGR4(PRNTl 3)-1 5.5H.V_Fuse For Overlcad Protection Of OiI-immersed Transformer(here-under fuse) is avallable for H.V.indoor electric system,with rated voltage15.5KV,rated current up to 140A,50Hz a.c..It is used for protecting from overlcad and short-circuit for power transformer.It can offer protection of all-round together in series with ZGR3 (XRNT5)- 1 5.5H.V.current-limiting back-up fuse for short-circuit protection of oll-immersed transformer(here-under back-up fuse).In the protection of all-round fuse is only used protection to short-ircuit malfunction of the secondary side of transformer and malfunction cu rrent of the small area.
Accord with GB15166.3 Alternating-current high-voltage fuses Expulsion fuse
Construction of fuse is insertion. The fuse consist of a fuse-link a fuse-base and a fuse-carrier.Fuse’s plugs are contact flare and tulip tip.
◆Basic parameters
Rated voltage
Rated current of the fuse-link
Rated current of the fuse-element
Operating condition
in the transformer oil
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity current

熔断器的外形尺寸和安装尺寸图3                熔断器的外形尺寸图2

Dimensions of the Overall and Installation


Sl EP:
1、Unlock fuse holder latch handle,draw the fuse holder out from the base.
2、Use a wrench to remove fuse cartridge from fuse cartridge and end plug.
3、Remove fuse cartridge and end plug.
4、lnsert fuse link into fuse car-tridge.
5、Fuse-link’s trumper tip must be fixed between fuse cartridge and fuse cartridge holder.
6、Use a wrench to tighten fuse cartridge holder using 5.6-7.9N.m of torque.
7、Sp read tulip tip.
8、Use a wrench to straighten edge plug and the other tighten end plug using 5.6-7.9N.m
of torque
9、lnsert handle into the base,rotate fuse holder latch handle:and lock the fuse.
1.A slight resistance may occur when inserting fuse-link into cartridge.When the fuse cartridge holder is locked.the steel’s packing ring. is the shoulder of the fuse cartridge.So the bin can be ensured to sealed and not be into wet air.
2.When the fuse is into the oil bin.the oil level in the oil bin is as shown in Figure 3.
3.When replacing fuse-link,unlock fuse holder,turn fuse holder 90 in the housing to break the seal between the seal packing ring and
housing,d raw the fuse holder out.
4.If damaged,the type and main technical data of the new fuse-link must be same completely,not to replace by the other.
5.The fuse in three phase,one of fuses is damaged,the other will be replaced,unless one of them has been known to be breaking
6.Breaking of fuse will be cause the metamorphosis of oil.pollution and carburetion.

The Timecurrent Characteristic Of The Fuse