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Do not be green in the haze.Where coal and wind power go
  Time:2017-05-28   Source:上海智广熔断器有限公司  

The study on the reason behind the haze of roll, have blamed on industrial emissions, exhaust, even dining lampblack, coal emissions and, more recently, into the public eye. China is the world's first coal consumer. By the end of October 2016, thermal power generation accounts for 73.73% of the total output. Since 2014, after a clear definition of the concept of "low carbon" coal industry has been continuously explore and reform. Although ultra-low emissions in technical details specification, monitoring, evaluation standard, economy still exist and need to discuss and improve the space, but a policy that conform to the country's long-term interests, from the perspective of development, and reduce environmental hazards, are of great significance. The whole industry and national policy has been pushing coal emissions. Through the desulphurization and denitration, low emissions, such as technology, get rid of coal to produce sulfide, nitrogen oxides and soot. However, the present method can not effectively remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and this kind of material is one of the component of PM2.5 in the atmosphere. In the coal face pressure to reduce emissions at the same time, more and more people cast eyes of electricity to wind power and other clean energy. Recent fog haze pollution also caused the difficulty in wind power grid and some regions "abandon the wind fire" in-depth discussion of the problem. China's wind power capacity ranks first in the world, to the highest in the world wind capacity, accounting for one-third of global wind power installed capacity. However, due to the system and the power grid to accept the power source of instability, the wind power production of electricity production did not make full use of, there has always been hooked up to the difficult problem. More serious is that the economic interests of the local lead to abandon the wind power brownouts phenomenon. Some provinces, as much as 60% of the winter wind power waste. Is just what the current of public opinion of the phenomenon, and the association of wind power and wind power companies have also been trying to find a solution. There is no doubt that these problems are not simple laws, regulations and policies can solve. Both coal emissions and increase clean energy utilization, the future is still a long way. Little will to power people hand in hand, energy conservation and emissions reduction, say goodbye to haze, usher in the blue sky white clouds at an early date.

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