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Auto fuse damage factors and change the matters needing attention
  Time:2017-06-01   Source:上海智广熔断器有限公司  

Fuse, just as its name implies is refers to when the current exceeds specified value, the heat makes the melt fuse to itself, disconnect the circuit of a kind of electrical appliances. Fuse is according to the current more than specified value after a period of time, with its own heat melt melt, so that the circuit disconnection; Using the principle of a current protector. In life, we used to call fuse fuse, auto fuse is belong to a fuse, let's learn about the auto fuse together the damage factors and some matters needing attention of replacing the fuse, together to get to know!


Under what circumstances can determine the fuse car?

Cigarette lighter, Windows, air conditioning, lights and other electrical appliances separate strike, or hear while trying to open the switch current relay action, can be roughly concluded that for the fuse.


Auto fuse damage factors mainly include the following aspects:

1. The modified headlamps without permission

Many modified drivers, popular is modified high-power headlights or xenon lamp. But if the lamp or the maximum load power is greater than the original planning, blown fuse is unavoidable. Advice if lack of professional or don't monkey around for car modification.


2. Modified high-power stereo

Some owners want to have the perfect sound effects, to the sound to be modified. But when the sound power and clutter is greater than the original plan, the fuse will also fuse. So even if your ears and sharp, please also endure, please take care of the feeling of the fuse?


3. Water flushing nacelle

Many car wash right way, such as during the summer, many people in the car wash will request use water gun flushing nacelle, and with such a large water pressure water gun to clean the nacelle also easy to form circuit short circuit, so that the fuse is injured. (fuse in psychological silent cry, don't such a violent, you will lose the baby ~)


4. Cigarette lighter to use high-power electrical appliances

Like this kind of things can turn a cigarette lighter 12 v inverter power to 220 v, that is to say, after using can use high-power electrical appliances, to do so, however, lead to fuse under high power, the load is too large, makes the fuse is burnt.


Replacing the fuse attention mainly include the following:

1. To replace a fuse of the same specification

If with low current, soon will be broken, if with large current, so in the event of a short circuit, the fuse is not easily broken, it is easy to cause fire. Want to look for the fuse when disassembling the ampere value at the top of the label. If the fuse is burnt out for ampere value to identify, we can also be judged by the color of it, on the international standard: 2 A gray, purple 3 A, 4 A, 5 A pink, orange, 7.5 A coffee, 10 A red and A blue 15, 20, A 30 A 25 A colorless, transparent, yellow, green, 40 A deep orange.


2. Accordingly

Because there were lots of fuse, fuse box car reserved many optional equipment lines, so there are many empty position on fuse box, if the fuse on the vacancy, simply does not work, should take a closer look at the English controlled electrical appliances before installation on the fuse box.


Above is small make up for the auto fuse damage factors and changing need detailed description of the main items. Shanghai Shanghai engineering electric co., LTD is a professional engaged in the research and development and production of the fuse for the integration of enterprises. This company produces the fuse products with high breaking capacity, complete functions, wide application range, the current production has AC110V ~ 40.5 kV voltage, DC24V ~ 3600 v, the current level of 0.25 ~ 7200 a, features: gG/gL, aR/gR, gPV, gS, aM/gM, gTR, GRBS levels; Choose different protection for electrical equipment for different function fuse can have real protection electrical equipment.